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artist Barbara Gerodimou portait

Few words...

“At dawn people forget, that a while ago everything seemed different. This everyday lesson constantly repeating itself for thousands of years, taught us so little”


Barbara Gerodimou is a Polish born Greek artist with a rich background in art. While studying at the Technical University she realized that her passion was the world of art and focused on goldsmythery. Her passionate relationship with gold would last for three years and left its golden mark on each painting.

In the early years Barbara used a mixed technique based on oil and gold metal colors. Her unique artistic work is a "jewellery” of narrative abstraction with vivid elements of symbolism where land surrenders to a ,"fertile" silence, female figures deep in their thoughts and an omnipresent is present everywhere.

Her latest series of paintings is called “Light” and focuses on the display of a theatrical show in two acts.
The first act depicts a reality and the feelings the paintings evoke. The second act begins with the presence of light defining a new scene. The bond grows and sneaks into the theater of our own thoughts. Maybe including thoughts that have not even crossed our minds ever before.

In order to achieve the ultimate participation of the spectator, Barbara Gerodimou does not count only on the final result, but also on the materials  necessary for the process of her creations. For example she uses burlap as a canvas, a material popular in ancient times, while nowadays it reminds us of our estrangement from nature covered up by the thread of nostalgia. The burlap is visible on almost all the surface of the paintings portraying a message to the spectator that we speak the truth - my truth, your truth, the truth of dawn and the truth of dusk. Another material present in Barbara Gerodimou's works of art is the metal. It's presence evokes a feeling of power in our subconscious, closely connected to human achievements but also revealing many weaknesses. Finally the light, always favorable to us, some times playful, philosophical. No mistakes, neither the right path is revealing but the possibility another reality exists.

The work of Barbara Gerodimou invites the spectator to a moment of thought, to a review of his beliefs and his prejudices. Time in front of her painting just delays his rhythm.


Barbara Gerodimou’s exhibition history includes solo shows  as well as numerous participations in group shows such as Salon Des Surindependants at Galeri Rose Croix A.M.O.R.C, XXV Salon Rencontres at the Mantes Jolies Museum, Salon d’Automne at Grand Palais in Paris (1992-1993) moreover  the Beijing Biennale (2008, 2010, 2015, 2019). Her work has been also exhibited in various art galleries as Kapopoulos Fine Arts, Mihalarias Art Gallery, Lefakis Galleries, Zigos, K-Gallery and Art' et Miss.

Barbara Gerodimou is a member of the International Association of Art and she has been awarded with a gold medal on the              Pan-Hellenic exhibition held in Zappio Convention Center.

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