The artwork "The Secret Garden", printed on high resolution and presented on a wooden surface.
The theme you see is The secret garden, ispired by Ancient Rome.

Twelve kilometers north of Rome you ll find the villa of Libia Drousila, wife of the emperor Augustus. The walls, one of the underground chambers, are decorated with magnificent continuous artwork. We find ourselves in a magical garden filled with blooming flowers, bushes and trees.
In the first scene you can see a red fir, an oak and a pine. An olive tree? Nowhere. Here the idea of planting in the garden of Libia was born and that of an olive tree,my favorite tree

Also included a two-page legitimacy certificate, of the reproduction's authenticity.

The Secret Garden

    • Dimensions: 30x30 cm
    • Weight: 1 kg
“Art is present everywhere but to be aware of it depends on how much we find it in ourselves”
 Barbara Gerodimou



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